Nibbles for President Sticker
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Nibbles for President Sticker

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The big blue bug, is a giant termite mascot for Rhode Island Pest Control which later became “Big Blue Bug Solutions”. The sculpture and business is located just south of Providence on I-95. It is the worlds largest artificial bug standing at 9 feet tall, 58 feet long and weighing 4000 lbs. In 1990 there was a naming contest for the bug and the winning name was “Nibbles Woodaway”. Nibbles is definitely one of the unofficial icons for the state of Rhode Island. During the crazy and dramatic run up to the 2024 Election I thought it would be fun to have Nibbles be a presidential contender. I made this commemorative “Nibbles for President” bumper sticker in response to all the craziness.

Vinyl Sticker suitable for the bumper of a car

Measures 9.5" x 2.375"