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Fun Size
Fun Size
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Fun Size

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This Rhode Island Fun Size T shirt plays off the Sriracha logo. Sriracha is a type of hot chili sauce that originated in Thailand and is produced in California. There are many types of sriracha but the one most familiar has a rooster on the label. The Sriracha T shirt is a play on the label but with an adapted Rhode Island Red rooster, the state bird. “Cooler and warmer” refers to the failed 2016 Ad campaign for the state of Rhode Island. The people were not having it! The state finally adopted the slogan “Fun Size” as the state motto.

If you are a fan of Rhode Island themed gifts, this cooler and warmer rhode island t shirt is sure to be a hit with Rhode Islanders far and wide.

This original design is printed on Next Level Poly/Cotton blended T Shirt

Color is "Red"

Shirt is 65% Polyester and 35% cotton and is extremely soft and light. Fabric is pre shrunk, but some shrinkage will occur in the dryer (about half an inch all around)

Sizes - Waist - Length

Small 19” - 28”

Medium 20.5” - 29”

Large 22” - 30”

XL 23.5” - 31”

XXL 25” - 32”

XXXL 28” - 33”