Calamari! - Womens cut
Calamari! - Womens cut
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Calamari! - Womens cut

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Rhode Island has been called a lot of things, but now we can now add the “Calamari Comeback State” to that list. The nickname was established at the roll call during the 2020 democratic national convention. The 30 second plug for Rhode Island went viral after Joe McNamara, Rhode Island’s Democratic Party chairman stood out on Oakland beach with a plate of lucious calamari proclaiming the goodness of the appetizer. Calamari was named the Rhode Island official state appetizer in 2014.

Every Rhode Islander knows that the mob has run Rhode Island for decades. Squid pro quo is a play on the term “Quid Pro Quo” which refers to getting something in return for “favors”.

If you are a fan of Rhode Island themed gifts, this calamari comeback state t shirt is sure to be a hit with Rhode Islanders far and wide.

This original retro design is printed on a Hanes women's Triblend Scoop neck T

Color is "Black"

40% Modal 35% Combed cotton and 25% Polyester

Available in sizes XS -2X



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