Where Charm Meets Neglect - Magnet
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Where Charm Meets Neglect - Magnet

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The Milkcan is a milk bottle shaped building in the town of Manville, Rhode Island. It was built originally as an ice cream shop in the late 1920s and closed in 1968 to make way for a new highway. The building was moved to its current location but never reopened due to contaminated ground water. Now the building sits neglected by the side of the road, a relic of bygone times.

Like so much in Rhode Island, this building is so charming but also so run down. Thus the tag line, “where charm meets neglect”. Rhode Islanders know this is true! And some have said it should be the state motto. This shirt is perfect for the self deprecating Rhode Islander or as a Rhode Island themed gift for those near and far.

While I grew up in New York State, I’ve lived in Rhode Island longer than I have lived anywhere. As far back as I can recall I’ve always thought “this place has so much potential”. I still find myself saying it. Don’t lie! You’ve said it yourself.

Three cheers for Potential!!!